5 Tips on PPC for Small Businesses from a Seattle PPC Agency

Small Businesses Secret Weapon Against The Big Guys – PPC Experts

You are a small business owner. You know all too well the sting of being b****-slapped by the big brand businesses. Customers informing you that you’re overpriced because you’re being undersold, being squeezed out of the marketplace by their overwhelming amount of ads, and the annoyance of forever seemingly being perceived as the ‘little guy’, even though you know you provide better services at sustainable rates.

I know all about that. I’ve experienced it myself, actually.

So I have a secret weapon for you on beating out the Big Brand Bullies….
PPC companies Seattle. Pay-per-click. Adwords. This is your itty bitty gun hidden in your handbag to pull out and blow a hole in the side of those Bullies.


PPC for Small Businesses – What is PPC?

PPC is an online marketing strategy that allows you to directly funnel leads (also known as clicks) to a landing page designed to convert. This is a fantastic lead generation tactic that places your small business smack-dab at the top of search engine pages.

This placement is statistically most likely to receive clicks. If you’ve got a good ad, and a good landing page, you will see a high conversion rate – anywhere from 25% – 75% or higher. This means that for your spend, you’ve got a sustainable source of leads coming in to your small business.


Why Not Rely on Organic and SEO Alone?

Because organic marketing strategies take time to get rolling.

Inbound marketing utilizes a variety of marketing tools to attract, delight, and retain customers, which is awesome, but when it comes to a quick flow of customers to get you through, PPC will offer a reliable source of leads.

Ideally, PPC would be combined with content marketing and SEO services. But for small businesses this isn’t always immediately plausible due to cash flow issues.

So what are you getting out of PPC?

  • Immediate results – the placement on your ads on the first page of Google will have leads funnelled to your website within literal minutes of setting up the account. And Big Brands can’t do a thing about it.
  • Agile – PPC advertising is highly controllable. If you’ve got a limited-time offer, events that you want to push hard, or other time-sensitive needs, PPC gives you a high-impact campaign that will definitely drive highly qualified leads to you. This allows you to promote yourself and your sales right in front of Big Brand offers.
  • Algorithm-safe – unlike other forms of online marketing, PPC is safe from algorithm updates. For instance, Google rolled out a new algorithm on April 21st that penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. Many websites have already begun to tank in rankings because of this, and are now scrambling to optimize. PPC is safeguarded against these dangers.
  • Controlled – you can easily and swiftly change the content of your ads, the images displayed there, the landing pages directed to, or even pull the plug on the campaign in an instant if you need to. This helps you be agile in keeping up with the Big Brand Bullies.
  • Increased Presence – Take up more room in the SERPS. The more your brand shows up, the more traffic, the more trust, and the more leads you get. You’ll build your brand right under the nose of your biggest competitors.

The Difficulty of PPC

As a small business, here is your current biggest blocker. Resources.

PPC has a sharp learning curve, and if you intend to tackle this yourself, you’ll need to devote quite some time to training with hands-on practice. As a small business, you probably don’t have much time to spare right now.

Additionally, if PPC isn’t managed correctly by someone who knows what they are doing, it can cost you quite a bit of money. Someone trained in choosing the high intent keywords as well as conversion rate optimization (CRO) will be able to ensure you stay within or below budget.


Your PPC Solution:

Hire out. Whether that be to hire a PPC expert to join your staff, or outsourcing to a Seattle PPC agency, it’s your best bet for a good return on your investment.

After all, you want your secret weapon to be more like a nuclear air strike and less like an old landmine.

At least, that’s the way I look at it.